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Bowl Show

Members compete with each other as judges determine who has the best fish in the given categories. Points are accumulated towards annual awards. Over the year, a variety of fish are on display in the many categories. A lot of fun, talk, and recognition can be had as you contribute to the decor of the meeting room with your living aquatic jewels. 


  1. All fish are the sole responsibility of their owner, and must be in the possession of the owner for at least one month.
  2. A charge of 25 cents for each entry shall be collected for the purpose of helping pay for the awards.
  3. Only members in good standing are eligible to enter the competition. All entries must be in the room by 8:00 PM. Any member who will be absent or late for the meeting may enter their fish through another member.
  4. All entries must be a single fish of either sex per container. No fish may be entered in more than one group on one night.
  5. All fish must be entered in a clear container of not less than one quart capacity and having at least two flat sides. tanks with dividers may be used and each section shall count as an individual container.
  6. No medication, added coloration, decoration, plants, or anything other than clear water and one fish is to be in the container. There should be nothing on the container that would identify the owner.
  7. Judges for the competition shall be appointed by the competition chairman or the president. All competition records shall be kept by the competition chairman and a duplicate set by the president.
  8. At no time shall a person act as a judge for any group when he has a fish entered in that group "cept for the Ugly Fish Contest.
  9. Any question shall be decided by the judges. The Show Chairman has the absolute authority on all matters of interpretation.
  10. All entries must be labeled with the common name of the fish or the scientific name where there is no common name. The common or scientific name of the fish and the group to which it belongs must be written on a slip of paper and given to the person registering the entries.
  11. There will be a junior competition for those members under sixteen years of age as of the competition is separate September meeting. With the exception of the Ugly Fish Contest, the junior from the senior competition but is subject to the same rules.
  12. To be eligible for any of the annual awards the person must be a member in good standing and have entered in at least five categories in the senior division or three categories in the junior division.
  13. The annual award will be given to the member having attained the most total points. In the case of a tie the member with the most Best of Show points will be the winner. If a tie still exists then the first lace awards win decide, etc..
  14. Fish shall be shown in compliance with the group schedule published in the FIN FAX. Monthly Bowl Show awards will be given bases on the number of entries per group as follows: 

    * 1 entry per group: Automatically receives an Honorable Mention award, and remains eligible for the Best of Show.
    * 2 or 3 entries: One award (for First Place).
    * 4 to 6 entries: Two awards (First and Second Place).
    * 7 to 10 entries: Three awards (First, Second, and Third Place awards).
    * Over 10 entries: Honorable Mention awards, not to exceed one award for each additional four entries, may be issued at the judges discretion.
    * The Best of Show will be chosen from among the First Place winners and any automatic Honorable Mentions in the featured groups. The Best of Show will be chosen from among the First Place winners in the featured groups and any automatic Honorable Mentions. the Best of Show automatically carries the first place points, but not the automatic Honorable Mention points should that be the case.

  15. Points will be awarded as follows:
    * Best of Show -10 points (plus 20 pts. for First)
    * First Place -20 points
    * Second Place -15 points
    * Third Place-10 points
    * Honorable Mention -5 points
    * 1 point for each entry, not to exceed 3 entry points per group



Aquatic Animals excluding fish
Cory Catfish
Old World Cichlids




Dwarf Cichlids
Catfish excluding Cory & Suckermouth
Classes not covered October through April


Saltwater Fish
New World Cichlids
Loaches/Labeos/Sharks/Flying Foxes


Open: Livebearers (fishes)
Open: Egglayers (fishes)


Bowl Beautiful – Mini Tank competitions


No July Monthly Meeting!


No August Monthly Meeting!


  Ugly Fish


Natives/United States


Suckermouth Catfish



Note: Please do note hesitate to bring fish for the Open class competition. It would be nice to see large class competitions, but for all members who do not keep a broad range of different species the open class is always available. If anyone has suggestions for the bowl show, please see the Bowl Show Chairman at the monthly meeting.