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DCAS Membership Form

Why join Delaware County Aquarium Society?

Membership does provide some nice benefits. While anyone can attend our meetings, membership provides the following:

  1. You will receive a copy of our monthly newsletter, the FinFax, which has articles and important information about our club.
  2. You will be entered into the member's door prize raffle at each meeting you attend.
  3. You will receive raffle tickets at the meeting in the month of your birthday.
  4. You are eligible to enter items into the monthly auction.
  5. You can receive discounts at some of our sponsor's stores.

Membership is inexpensive and may be mailed to the address on the membership form, or brought with you to the meeting.


Membership costs per year: 

                 Junior (16 and under) --- $12.00

                 Single (over 16) ---------- $14.00

                 Family* -------------------- $16.00

                 * all family members under 16 and spouses receive membership benefits also.


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