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Monthly Auctions

Do you have extra fish that you would like to see get a great home OR are you looking to purchase some new fish??  How about used equipment that is in good condition and functioning properly - do you have some that you are interested in getting rid of OR would you like to purchase some??  How about plants, ornaments, etc., etc., etc??

Well the DCAS Monthly Auction is the place to look.  Each month, many of the above items, and more, are auctioned off at our monthly meeting.  Many folks have received great deals on items they have purchased and there will be plenty more deals to come.

Any one may purchase items in our mothly auctions.

Updated Monthly Auction Form Download

Monthly Auctions Rules

  1. Anyone attending the monthly meeting may participate in the bidding or selling of items (read below for additional non-member rules).
  2. The Delaware County Aquarium Society (DCAS) retains 25% of the highest bid per item entered into the auction by DCAS members. Therefore, members receive 75% of the highest bid. However, any item sold for one ($1) dollar will be split by a half dollar ($0.50) to the club and the other half dollar to the member.
  3. There is a 14 (fourteen) items limit for each membership/household. However, no more than five (5) of the same species of plant, animal, hardware, decoration, etc., may be entered by a single membership/household. Anyone wishing to enter more than 5 (five) of the same item must have approval from both the auction chairperson/designee and the President. More than 5 (five) of the same items being offered will be sold at the same price after auctioning one of the items. (NOTE: This approval of offering more that 5 [five] of the same item will not be applied to all circumstances; items will be limited to 5 [five] at the discretion of any board of directors member.)
  4. Sellers must fill out the auction sheets. All auction sheets must include the sellers name, item number, a brief description of the item, and minimum bid (if applicable). Each member will be provided with a set of numbers to register their items. Blank auction sheets will be available and are available on this website for download. Each item must be labeled with the item number, a name of the plant/animal, and any minimum bid (if applicable).
    Sellers may pre-register the auction items by emailing the list with the above information to raymond_rockwell@dcas.us by noon (12pm) the day of the auction.
  5. It is the responsibility of the seller to make sure all of their items have an item number and minimum bid (if applicable) will affixed to them. Any item without a number will be considered a donation and all proceeds from the sale of that item will go to the DCAS. Please, ensure your label stays on your item.
  6. Bids are accepted in one dollar ($1) increments.
  7. Proceeds from the auction will be tallied only after the last item has been offered for auction and at the conclusion of the auction. Proceeds will be paid out to sellers in cash after all tallies are made. Your signature on the sales sheet verifies that all of the information is correct and you agree with all of the sale prices and the payout information.
  8. Donations of animals, plants, and aquarium related items will be accepted at the discretion of any DCAS board of director. Items will be rejected at the discretion of the Auction Chairperson/designee or the President. The sale of prohibited/illegal animal, plants, or items will NOT be allowed under any circumstance- NO exceptions will be made.
  9. Non-members may enter items into the monthly auction. However, non-members will retain 50% of the highest bid, with 50% retained to the DCAS. Non-member items will be offer for auction after all members’ items have been offer for auction at least once.
    (This exception will be made to any non-member/household only once per year [excluding the annual auction]).
  10. A rule may be waived at the discretion of the Auction Chairperson/designee and upon approval of the President (excluding rule #8). Any request to waive a rule should be for special circumstances only. Rules will not be waived for any individual/household for any reason, under any circumstance in two consecutive meetings, members and non-members alike.


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