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Every month valuable aquarium products are raffled off to benefit the club. Tickets are 5 for $1.00, and can be purchased at the Sales Table. Prizes range from aquariums, power filters, fish food, heaters, to gift certificates, decorations, and medications. Our generous and loyal sponsors donate the products whose proceeds benefit the club. Support your society by buying the tickets that have put a lot of great stuff in the fish rooms of your friends! Special raffles often pop up, sometimes for a holiday, or to celebrate at year's end. For these the club makes the purchase and the raffle is a vehicle to return something to the membership. Chinese style raffles involve some unusual or top quality fishes either donated or purchased by the club. Tickets are usually $1 each or 6 for $5, and you may distribute your tickets as you desire; increasing the odds of getting the fish you covet most. This is a fun way of scoring fish for cheap.


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