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  • Welcome to the Delaware County Aquarium Society (DCAS), where fish-keeping hobbyists and professionals of all ages meet to promote and learn more about care, culture and propagation of all forms of underwater life.
  • Access the Membership Form here in PDF format. Print the form, complete, and bring to a meeting or send in the mail.
  • Our monthly publication of articles, information, and news to keep you posted on the latest. Members receive it in the mail, but non-members may chance upon a complementary copy in any of the local sponsoring pet stores or at the meeting
  • Delaware County Aquarium Society contact information.
  • We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm and continuing commitment to the privacy of personal information provided by those visiting and interacting with this web site.
  • DCAS meets the first Friday night of every month, except July and August, at the Springfield Municipal Building in Springfield, Pa. (Delaware County). Doors open at 7:30 - meeting starts at 8:00.
  • Directions to the Delaware County Aquarium Society Meetings - Springfield Township Building at 50 Powell Road, Springfield, PA
  • The DCAS Board of Directors is responsible for all of the club's activities, speakers, and other workings.
  • Members in attendance are eligible to win valuable prizes
  • Members compete with each other as judges determine who has the best fish in the given categories. Points are accumulated towards annual awards.
  • T-shirts sporting the DCAS logo are available in all sizes for $10.00 each. Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Aquarium Fish Monthly magazines are available at discount prices.
  • Every month valuable aquarium products are raffled off to benefit the club. Tickets are 5 for $1.00, and can be purchased at the Sales Table. Prizes range from aquariums, power filters, fish food, heaters, to gift certificates, decorations, and medications.
  • DCAS holds a Monthly Auction. It is the place to look. Each month, many items are auctioned off at our monthly meeting.
  • Companies, manufacturters, individuals and local stores who have generously donated items to DCAS for this event, will be listed below as those donations are received.
  • Companies, manufacturters, individuals and local stores who generously donated items to previous DCAS Annual Auctions or who have donated items are listed
  • Listed are 18 (so far) various calculators / conversions that are used in the aquarium hobby. Just click on the calculator(s) that you want to access.
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